NEP Implementation Cell

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 lays emphasis on the development of the creative potential of each individual. It is based on the principle that education must develop not only cognitive capacities - both the ‘foundational capacities’ of literacy and numeracy and ‘higher-order’ cognitive capacities, such as critical thinking and problem solving, but also social, ethical, and emotional capacities. The Vision of NEP, to provide high quality education rooted in Indian ethos that contributes directly to transforming India, that is Bharat, sustainably into an equitable and vibrant knowledge society, by providing high-quality education to all, and thereby making India a global knowledge superpower, is well taken by Annasaheb Dange College of Engineering and Technology (ADCET). A series of discussion sessions among the faculty members were initiated on the key principles of NEP such as diversity for all curriculum and pedagogy with technological innovations in teaching and learning, encouraging logical decision making and innovation, critical thinking and creativity. The Institute is adequately equipped with infrastructure for multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary focus on curriculum development.

SN Name Designation
1 Dr. Vikram S Patil Chairman
2 Dr. Gopinath S. Secretary
3 Prof. S.B.Hivrekar Member
4 Dr. M.M.Jadhav Member
5 Dr. S. S. Sayyad Member
6 Dr. Balkrishnan P. Member
7 Dr. Vivek D. Talnikar Member
8 Dr. Mani S. Member
9 Dr. V.B.Patil Member
10 Prof. S.S. Mohite Member
11 Prof. Krishna Kumar L. Member
12 Prof. K M Kiran Babu Member
13 Prof. K.J.Burle Member